Occupation: Blogger & Wine Lover

This story starts about 2 years ago when my then partner, now husband, and I made the decision that we were going to pack up, go travelling and do the great lap. Now, 2 years later, we have made our dream come true. We have packed up our lives, and quite simply we are on the verge of skipping this town (Brisbane) to start our new adventure.

Our current adventures are in beautiful Queensland where we will spend 6 weeks going from Brisbane to Cape York before heading into Darwin.

Since this is an adventure of a lifetime, I’m going to blog my little heart out, share our travels experiences and love of this amazing country with the world.

So please follow us on our adventure around the great OZ by following this blog, or my FB, IG, Twitter and Pinterest by looking up agirla4wdandatrailer and I hope to see you in my travels.

Mon xxx – Slim Digital Social Media Guru

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3 thoughts on “Occupation: Blogger & Wine Lover

  1. David Burville

    Hi Monica, we loved meeting you both. If only we knew that you needed a wine. We have it all on board and we love to share!!


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