Beer Review – Murray’s Craft Brewing & Burleigh Brewing Co

So I’ve been soaking up some rays in sunny Gold Coast while I’m in between jobs. We found this fantastic little caravan park between the theme parks, which is where Johny is working at the moment. Since he needed to be here all week I thought, why let him have all the fun? So I packed everything up and came down with him. I have spent the last week sitting in the hot spa next to the pool, walking around, reading, writing, drawing and meditating. I feel fantastic!

On my travels I came across a Dan Murphy (One of my two favourite bottle shops) and decided to have a sticky. Dan did not disappoint as I found a large collection of local craft beers on hand. Since one of my goals during our trip around Oz involves tasting craft beers what better time then the present to start practising?

Beer number 1: Murray’s Craft Brewing  – Angry Man Pale Ale. On second look at the bottle I realised that this is actually a NSW beer from Nelsons Bay. So not a QLD beer at all, oops! Anyway since I’d cracked it open I didn’t want to waste it. This beer is featured as number 10/100 in 2011.

I must say that the label was the initial draw card from me. I like to choose bottles with interesting labels and stories on the back. The label features a man and boxing kangaroo.

Angry Man Pale Ale was a lovely golden colour and still retains the yeast sediment in the bottom of the bottle, which makes it a little cloudy. It smelt yummy, the beer maker calls is spicy-citrusy and if I smelt hard enough I got it. It is big on taste but it’s a bit harsh on the old tongue and I’m not terribly fond of the after taste.

Food matching is with spicy food, maybe some Thai. I would say that I probably wouldn’t go back for a second bottle. One with dinner would be quite enough.

Beer number 2: The Burleigh Brewing Co – My Wifes Bitter. This one is definitely from Queensland. Thankfully I found during my research on this beer that it’s name is a declaration of love rather then public jape.

Again, I loved the image on the bottle; this is what initially drew me in after the fact that it is a local beer. I had read some less then glowing reports on this beer which was a bit concerning. However being a VB girl, classy I know, I was willing to give it a go.

First sniff and I got burnt toast. Not a lot of head and a nice amber colour. I got a very quick short burst of bitter toffee and then nothing. After the initial mouthful it feels a little watery, but I don’t mind it.

I had this beer with a posh Mac & Cheese (with Chorizo) and quite enjoyed both.

Beer number 3: The Burleigh Brewing Co – Hef

This beer was my hands down favourite out of the 3 I’ve sampled.

Hef made in a German Wheat beer style. I read that this beer has banana and clove characteristics. How can you get a banana beer? First mouthful and all I could taste was banana lollies, sounds weird, and tasted delicious.

There was a nice creamy head to the beer. It’s a dull gold and a little bity bit cloudy and is lovely and creamy with a hint of sweet.

In true German style I had this beer with a sausage. It was a French style Toulouse sausage (made by the local butcher in Oxenford) on a fresh bun with mustard. I tell you what this foodie/boozie could not be a happier chicky right now.

If ever you’re in the Gold Coast region I highly recommend either stopping in at the Burleigh Brewing Co as they run tours of their brewery in Burleigh Heads or stop in at your local Dan M’s.

5 thoughts on “Beer Review – Murray’s Craft Brewing & Burleigh Brewing Co

  1. carly

    We tried the “My Wife’s Bitter” when we were in the Gold Coast last weekend, as the guy in the bottle-o recommended it….Andy enjoyed it, and what a name!

  2. pommepal

    Well…. I’ve lived on the GC since 1998 never been on the brewery tour, I have missed out sadly. Next time I am home will have to rectify that. Great post and love the photos


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