One for the 4WD Enthusiasts

Who doesn’t love a long weekend? Yep, we had another one this weekend, I’m not sure why but, I don’t question these things.

Fortunately this weekend we were able to attend a 4WD course we booked earlier this year. We left on Friday afternoon for Landcruiser Park, approx 60km out of Kilcoy. Landcruiser Park is about 41 squared Km’s. Located in the Jimna Range, the park is a working cattle farm, wilderness park as well as having over 200km’s of 4WD tracks.

We had a few engine troubles but managed to get there in time to set up our trailer in the last of the light. We were camped in the driver training “VIP” area. The rest of the park was full of people but we had a massive area, which we only had to share with 2 other cars. It felt like we had the park to ourselves, perfect isolation.

Camp Oven Roast

Once the trailer was up we lit a nice big fire and I cooked my first lot of damper and a lamb roast in our camp oven, it was cooked to perfection.  We then sat back with a stubbie and chilled out before bed.

Beautiful views from our campsite

More views

First thing in the morning we all met our instructor/owner, Dave from P7 Offroad Driving Accreditation. In a previous life Dave was an Outdoor Ed Teacher. His job was to “take other people’s kids camping”. Once had started his family he decided to go into business for himself and since he was passionate about the outdoors and 4WDing thats what he went into.

The group was mainly beginners and we went through a few driving exercises one by one.

Johny going up a log

Me in the Wombat Holes

Wombat Holes again

There was also a fair chunk of wisdom imparted to us by Dave, who was incredibly knowledgeable, has soooo much experience and was great about answering all of our questions. He was a very patient man!

The group was a mix of people ranging from guys who had done a fair bit of 4WDing before, families with their kids and quite of few females on their own as well. It was a great mix of people and cars and by the end of the day we were all getting along nicely.

Gorgeous Scenery

The next day we were invited along to watch the advanced accreditation course. We were incredibly grateful for this opportunity as we leant so much more about tougher tracks and winching and were able to watch them in action.

Advanced Driver Training


We had a fantastic time and met some lovely people who have given us so much information on 4WD’s, camping and all of the other things that come with this hobby. I also highly recommend checking out the P7 website and consider doing a course with Dave.

Foggy last morning

2 thoughts on “One for the 4WD Enthusiasts

  1. jacksjottings

    Nice to see my Avatar up alongside my pommepals’ like. Her first camp oven damper was black but nice below the charcoal. We love to travel in a similar way to you.


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