Atkinson Dam Cabin Village and Shoreline Camping

Address: 381 Atkinson Dam Road, Atkinson Dam, Qld 4311
Contact Details: (07) 5426 4211,

Background: Johny and I hadn’t been out camping for sometime and this is what prompted me to try to find somewhere not too far out of Brisbane, somewhere quiet and relaxing so we could take the kayaks out. Unfortunately, I made the rookie error of assuming that a dam meant a nice still body of water that one could kayak on. Instead we were greeted by loud boats, louder bogans and a very below average visit.

On the upside we did have one seemingly normal neighbour with a brand new rig and they convinced Johny that we need to go to Tasmania asap!

Dates Stayed:

21st-22nd December 2013


We stayed on a non-powered campsite on the shoreline for $9/per person. no powered sites are available in the campground area.


  • Kitchen / Cooking areas – BBQ’s and basic picnic area provided
  • Toilets – yes – watch out for frogs in the bowl
  • Showers -yes; however, not advertised as they are in the cabin village
  • Good lighting- no
  • Laundry- not in the camping area
  • Fitness & Leisure Facilities- boat ramp
  • Security- not in the camping area
  • Pets Allowed – yes
  • Fires -yes, on the beach
  • Noise Levels -generators allowed

Will We Return:

No. We were after a nice and relaxing camping experience and what we endured was anything but. The lower price point seemed to attract all manner of tenants. The camp areas were tiny and everyone was squashed in like sardines. The bogans with the motor boats were out all day and very early the next morning so there was no opportunity to go kayaking except at 5:30am before the boats came out. The day area visit area was mixed in with the camp area so all the day visitors were constantly walking through and around the camp site which, for security sake, was a bit scary. Lastly at 3 different points in our 24 hour stay there were 3 lots of fighting, swearing, screaming and hitting. Needless to say, we won’t be going back.

Lovely to look at, to bad for the bogans

Lovely to look at, to bad for the bogans

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