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My Two Metre Tall Farmhouse Ales & Ciders Experience

Two Metre Tall Bar

Two Metre Tall Bar

Before we came over to Tasmania I’d researched into the local produce, that being food and alcoholic products, that were a must see/try on our trip. Tasmania is becoming quite renowned for their microbreweries and whiskies with an already well-established wine industry. One of the breweries on my list was Two Metre Tall in Hayes; about 50 mins drive from Hobart.Two Metre Tall Farmhouse Ales & Ciders_A Girl A 4WD And A Trailer

The owners and brewers are Jane and Ashley Huntington. They have had a rather fascinating past with Ashley as the senior winemaker of the BRL Hardy owned Domaine de la Baume France where they spent 10 years before returning to Tasmania and purchasing a farm.

The Two Metre Tall Brewery is a working farm with grain, hops, fruit and cattle, you can actually purchase their beef from the bar onsite. Yep, they have turned a shed into a bar with a selection of ales on tap for you to pop to taste, drink and takeaway.

We came in on a Thursday arvo at about 2pm, in the rain, and there was no one else there. In fact Jane was just setting up the bar as Ashley had been fanatically brewing since 4am that morning.

Jane setting up the bar

Jane setting up the bar

We went through all the ciders and ales on offer and she passionately explained where all the different components that make ales and ciders came from with the majority grown onsite, locally sourced in the immediate area and Tasmania.

Jane told us about a local lady with a 100 yr old mulberry tree, she picked over 30kg of mulberries, which were added to a barrel of cider, just one barrel as that’s all there was enough for and It has sold out. A number of batches they make are on a small scale like this.

I decided to walk away with a bottle of their Original Soured Ale. This is a blend of 1-3 year old tank and barrel aged soured ales. Two Metre Tall uses a mixed fermentation technique, which apparently isn’t common, to make their Ales.

We had such a fantastic experience; Jane is so knowledgeable, attentive and personable.  If it hadn’t been raining heavily we would have loved to sit on the benches provided and spend some more time onsite, but it wasn’t to be this time. This just means that we will need to visit next time we visit Tasmania.

Original Soured Ale and Willie Smith Cider

Original Soured Ale and Willie Smith Cider

Photographs By Monica

The other weekend I went on a lovely Landscape Photography Tour in and around the Gold Coast. The tour was organised and run by the lovely Andrea at Photo Tour Experts.

The day started at 8am on Saturday, the sun was shining and the sky was blue, we couldn’t have wished for a more perfect day. 12 of us hopped into a big van, driven by Andrea, and  headed out to Fingal Head for some amazing coastal scenery.

Next stop was near Murwillumbah, a long and winding road through some stunning hills brought us to a dilapidated old shed next to a field of cows.

A little further down the road we stopped at an organic farm and had lunch. I was introduced to these amazing Australian Native Finger Limes. They’re skinny like fingers but when you open them there looks to be hundreds of tiny green caviar looking balls which taste like lime.

From here we went to Springbrook National Park, Natural Bridge. Here we took photos of waterfalls and fungi.

Then we headed back to the Gold Coast for some marina, sunset and night light shots.

It was a fantastic day out, I learnt plenty of cool photography tricks and I met a bunch of lovely peoples.