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I’m a Roady in Training

I had my second day of hard labour today. To help supplement my income for our upcoming nuptials and holiday next year; I’ve taken on a second job. I’m a roady….nearly! I’ve started working with my fiancé Johny, who is a lighting technician. I have a loooooong way to go before getting anywhere near qualified to do that stuff; but, in the meantime I’m prepping, setting up and packing up gigs.

Today we took down the opening of the M7 tunnel celebrations. A bunch of rich people partied in a tunnel to raise money for charity. Johny set it up over 20 hours on Friday and we pulled it down in 7 hours today.

I really enjoyed the work. I got dirty, greasy, sweating and I worked my ass off (I’m secretly hoping this physical work will give me head start for my summer body ☺ ). It felt really good to get in there with a shifter and podger and pull apart the truss. I stripped all the cables and lights of the truss. I packed stuff, pushed cases, loaded the truck and learnt how to coil a cable.

Now my hands are throbbing, my nails are ruining, my hands have grease in the creases that no amount of scrubbing can remove. I feel like I achieved something, I felt useful and I worked bloody hard to earn that cash today; but I loved it!