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Snorkeling The Great Barrier Reef

Unfortunately as the weather turned bad we decided to skip Atherton Tablelands and drove from Paronella Park straight to Cairns. Apparently they have have a really late wet season up this way we’ve been told by every tour guide, receptionist, tourists e.t.c.  The four days we were in Cairns it rained and rained and rained. For the first three days we sat in the camp kitchen at our Caravan Park and played on the internet.

We really, really wanted to go snorkelling so on the 4th day we went out on the boat, regardless of the weather.

The ride out to the reef was horrible with at least 75% of the boat puking out the back deck, Johny included. Thankfully the outer reef was calm and visibility was pretty good. Here are some of the pics I took with the underwater camera we hired.

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The dive company we went with was Down Under Dive who were just fantastic. They had free sea sick tablets, really friendly and entertaining staff, well organised and monitored dives and snorkeling and great value for money!

Note 1: Cairns Holiday Park is the closest to the CBD; however it’s full of backpackers. Usually this wouldn’t worry me except when they are obnoxious, messy, rude, slamming doors and screaming at 3am. We had to be moved into the powered (and much nicer) section of the caravan park for 2 of the 4 days.

Note: we hired the camera at the caravan park. Quality turned out to be fairly average and I’ve had to enhance these pics. There were more expensive cameras on the boat for hire and the quality of their pics was way better.

Goodbye Life and Hello World

So, it’s official. Today was my last day at my place of work for the past 1.5 years. There was a certain amount of sadness, closely followed by a decent dose of frustration (but I still have so much stuff to do!) as I said goodbye to many that I called friends and colleagues.

However, this is one of the major milestones leading up to our trip. We’ve moved out of our rental (currently bunking with Mum and my youngest Bro), I’ve now left my job, tomorrow we are doing a dry run of packing the car and in 2 weeks we start on the big lap around Oz.

So, for the next 2 weeks I anticipate that I will have more time to blog my little heart out, not to mention the next 12 months on the road.

Until then, happy Friday!