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Through the Ruins of Paronella Park

The Tea Rooms, Paronella Park

The Tea Rooms, Paronella Park

José Paronella arrived in Australia from Catalonia in Spain, in 1913. In 1929, after spending a number of years in Australia, José purchased 13 acres in 1929 and started to build his pleasure gardens and reception centre for the enjoyment of the public.

there was a waterfall, hydro electricity, tea rooms, a castle, a ballroom, swimming pool and over 7000 tropical plants in the extensive garden, all built by José.

A view from the Falls at the front of the Park. On the left is the castle and at the bottom left is the hydro plant

A view from the Falls at the front of the Park. On the left is the castle and at the bottom left is the hydro plant

Unfortunately there was a flood and then soon after José died of stomach cancer, his wife died some years later and his son as well. His son’s wife was left to run the park and in 1977 she sold it.

Sadly, in 1979, a fire swept through the Castle. There were a number of cyclones and floods in the following years and the park fell into ruin.

A pic from the night tour, this is the castle

A pic from the night tour, this is the castle

In 1993 the current owners found the park, bought it and work on maintaining and preserving, rather than rebuilding.

The park has won a number of awards and it’s easy to see why.

We purchased our tickets through RACQ for a 10% discount so it was about $39 each. This includes entry into the park, a day tour, a night tour and 1 nights accommodation in their campground and your ticket is valid for entry up to 24 months. Really it was great value.

The park itself is just stunning! I was able to get some lovely daytime and night time shots.

The Tea Rooms

The Tea Rooms

We loved our time here! The guides were fantastic and the staff in the cafe/reception were amazing. The park is beautiful and a truly unique attraction in FNQ.

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My Long Running Aversion

I have a confession to make…. I hate running.

I love the idea of running, the dream of running, preparing to start running; it’s just the act itself that I have an aversion to.

“So why bother?” I hear you say. Well, it ties into my plan to stay fit while travelling around Australia.

Just imagine a long, white, sandy stretch of beach, no people around, the sun barely risen, the water is calm and there I am running along it. Ipod on, hot little running shorts and I’m leaving a trail of running prints along to the smooth sand, not a care in the world.

Since I don’t actually like running; but, I want to run like this on holidays, I need to get started now so I’m a pro by the time we leave.

This is a list of the things I have done to prepare and plan for my running regime.

  1. I’ve quit my job so I have no money to pay for a gym membership (not the main reason for quitting)
  2. I’ve started a Pinterest board of running and exercise inspirations
  3. I have a running plan
  4. I’ve been on ebay and bought some new running clothes
  5. I’ve been on ebay for a sweat band, found they were to expensive so I’ve decided to make my own out of old shirts
  6. I’ve been on ebay and bought an ipod arm holder
  7. I have earphones that hook on my ears so they won’t fall out while I’m running
  8. I have scoped out the surrounding area so I know where I want to run
  9. I made friends with runners – I hope the motivation will rub off
  10. Created my running play list:
  1. Beautiful people – Chris Brown
  2. Black & Gold – Sam Sparrow
  3. Burn it to the ground – Nickelback
  4. Drop Dead Gorgeous – Republica
  5. End over End – Foo Fighters
  6. Fake It – Seether
  7. Get Shaky – The Ian Carey Project
  8. Headstrong – Trapt
  9. Hold me, Thrill me, Kiss me, Kill me – U2
  10. I Gotta Feeling – Black eyed peas
  11. If I cant have you – Kelly Clarkson
  12. Just a Girl – No Doubt
  13. Lonely Boy – The Black Keys
  14. Promises – Nero
  15. Ready to go – Republica
  16. S.E.X – Nickelback
  17. S&M – Rihanna
  18. Sex on Fire – Kings of Leon
  19. Sexy and I know It – LMFAO
  20. She wants more – N.E.R.D
  21. Undisclosed Desires – Muse
  22. When Love takes over – David Guetta
  23. With Every Heart Beat – Robyn

Procrastinate much?

So now I’m at the point where I will actually need to start running. I’ve put it off long enough. Tomorrow is the day I go on my first run and you can hold me to that!

This is how I want to look when I run!